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Google tries its hands on social networking with Google+

Social networking. The one thing Google just can’t quite get a grasp on. They tried it with Google Buzz but that didn’t work out and Facebook is way ahead in the SNS scene. The big G’s next attempt is the Google+.

If you see your Google page having the gray navigation bar on top, it’s because Google is preparing you for their social networking service, Google+. Here are some of the initial features.

This is the equivalent of Facebook’s friend and group list. You can create social circles and drag contacts into each to form a group. If you maintain your contacts on Google, it will automatically populate your Circle with them. And how will it be different with Facebook? There’s the use of HTML5 making managing your circles easy and fun. Other than that it’s basically the same.

Hangout is like a group conversation. If Facebook has FB Chat, Google+ will have Hangouts but taken to another level. Aside from group chat, you can also do group video chat with up to 10 friends. Don’t worry, it won’t pepper your screen with multiple video chat windows but instead it will only focus on the person talking while the rest are in thumbnail view.

Instant Upload

Just like how you take a photo with your mobile phone and automatically upload it with Facebook. Same thing happens here although Google is saying photo tagging will also be available on this one. I’m thinking Google will be integrating your Picasa web album to your Google+ album.

Sparks is for content discovery. It’s like iTunes Genius but on a broader level. Movies, books, videos, articles, etc. it will automatically suggest things that would interest you based on what you’re currently into. It’s nothing new really but Google+ aims to make it accessible in just one location.
Google+ is basically a Facebook clone by Google with some improvements and minor innovations. Up to what extent? We don’t know yet but having access to a lot of Android phone users put Google+ at an advantage over Facebook. Still, are people going to want to maintain two social networking account?
Based on the current setup, I don’t think it’s enough to make people want to switch or sign up for an additional account just to keep in touch with friends. What do you think?

Walang Natira (Gloc 9)

This song of Gloc 9 entitled Walang Natira really bites. The song talks about industrious people, professionals, learned people who leave our motherland for a greener pasture. In the academe, they call this “brain-drain” but to common people, this is understood to be settling for the “surplus”. We just settle for what’s left with us. Imagine visiting a hospital, public of private, being served by a fresh graduate, nurse. I don’t intend to demean this profession, on the contrary, I so admire them, but we have to face the thought that the more matured and experienced nurses are leaving and the patients in pain will have to choice but to settle to the young nurses. The same goes to our Engineers, Teachers, Accountants or even our domestic helpers.

It is not a secret to what has happened to our country. The more professionals and industrious people leaving the country, chances are, the ruling elites, the traditional politicians, the greedy capitalists etc will have more “happy hour” in perpetuating their evil motives by simply lifting a finger and telling people what to do.

This song is so true, straightly detailing what is really happening in our country. For those who are requesting to post the song here, here it is.

Walang Natira Lyrics

Napakaraming nurse dito sa amin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila

yung bayang sinilangan ang pangalan ay Pinas
ngunit bakit parang puno na ang prutas ay pitas
nauubusan ng batas parang inamag na bigas
lumalakas na ang ulan ngunit ang payong ay butas
tumatakbo ng madulas mga pinuno ay ungas
sila lamang ang nakikinabang pero tayo ang utas
mga kabayan natin ay lumilipad, lumalabas
para pumunta ng ibang bansa at doon magtamas
ng kamay para lamang magkakalyo lang muli
ang pahinga’y iipunin para magamit pag-uwi
dahil doon sa atin mahirap makuha buri
mapahiran ng chokolate ang matamis na ngiti
ng anak na halos di nakilala ang ama
o ina na wala sa tuwing kaarawan nila
dadarating kaya ang araw na ito’y magiiba
kung hindi ka sigurado magisip-isip ka na
Napakaraming inhinyero dito sa amin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh
napakaraming karpintero dito sa amin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila
mabuti kung mabuti ang kinakahinatnan
ang kapalaran ng lahat nang nakipagsapalaran
kahit nag-aalangan para lang sa kapakanan
ng mahal sa buhay ang sugal ay tatayaan
sasanlaan lahat ng kanilang pag-aari
mababawi din naman yan ang sabi pagnayari
ang proseso ng papeles para makasakay na sa eroplano
o barko kahit saan man papunta
basta kumita ng dolyar na ipapalit sa piso
ang isa ay katumbas ng isang dakot ng mamiso
ganyan ba ang kapalit ng buhay ng pilipino
kung lilisanin ang pamilya ang amo na kahit na sino
gugtumin, sasaktan, malalagay sa peligro
uwing nasa kahon ni wala man lang testigo
darating kaya ang araw na itoy mag-iiba
kung hindi ka sigurado magisip-isip ka na
Napakaraming kasambahay dito sa amin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh
napakaraming labandera dito sa amin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila
subukan mong isipin kung gaano kabigat
ang buhat ng maleta halos hindi mo na maangat
ihahabilin ang anak para ito sa kanila
lalayo upang mag-alaga ng anak ng iba
matapos lamang sa kolehiyo mututubos din ang relo
bilhin mo na kung anong gustong laruan ni Angelo
matagal pa kontrato ko titiisin ko muna to
basta ang mahalaga ito’y para sa pamilya ko
Napakaraming guro dito sa amin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh
napakaraming nurse dito sa amin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila ahh
gusto kong (yumaman 5x)
nagaabroad sila
napakaraming tama dito sa atin
ngunit bakit tila walang natira ahh

Samsung Galaxy (Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II)

Samsung Galaxy S is best-selling Android phone of 2010. It’s successor, Samsung Galaxy S 2 (GT-I9100) is now officially confirmed by Samsung at MWC, Barcelona. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is powered by latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and powerful 1 Ghz dual-core processor.

The device provides all the features of high-end smart phone. Samsung Galaxy S 2 has been equipped with 4.27 inch Super AMOLED Plus display which is the most advanced mobile visual display ever created. It provides a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It is capable of taking high quality pictures with its 8MP camera. It is also capable of full HD video recording and playback.

This feature rich phone is packed in just 8.49mm thin and lightweight body. It comes with TouchWiz 4.0. It is packed with advanced wireless network (HSPA+ 21) connectivity which promises high-speed internet connectivity.

The GALAXY S II also delivers seamless multitasking, switching between applications instantly. Superior 3D hardware performance makes games and video incredibly fast and smooth.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Features

1GHz dual-core processor
4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display
Android 2.3 OS
8MP rear camera
2MP front camera
Full HD video recording and playback
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, HSPA+ connectivity
Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
HSPA+ (21Mbps) support
TouchWiz 4.0
1650mAh battery
16GB internal memory
Accelerometer , Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor
Social Hub Premium, Readers Hub, Game Hub, Music Hub

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In search of the perfect leader

A reader sends me a questionnaire in which he presents the profile of three world leaders who lived in the same period of history, and asks if it is possible to choose the best one using the following data:

Candidate A was associated with witchdoctors and often consulted astrologists. He had two mistresses. His wife was a Lesbian. He smoked a lot. He drank eight to ten martinis a day.

Candidate B never managed to hold down a job because of his arrogance. He slept the whole morning. He used opium at school, and was always considered a bad student. He drank a glass of brandy every morning.

Candidate C was decorated a hero. A vegetarian, he did not smoke. His discipline was exemplary. He occasionally drank a beer. He stayed with the same woman during his moments of glory and defeat.

And what was the answer?

A] Franklin Delano Roosevelt. B] Winston Churchill. C] Adolf Hitler.

So what then is leadership? The encyclopedia defines it as an individual’s capacity to motivate others to seek the same objective. The bookstores are full of texts on this theme, and the leaders are normally portrayed in brilliant colors, with enviable qualities and supreme ideals. The leader is to society as the “master” is to spirituality. This, however, is not absolutely true (in either case).

Our big problem, especially in a world that is growing more and more fundamentalist, is not allowing people in prominent positions to commit human mistakes.
We are always in search of the perfect ruler.
We are always looking for a pastor to guide and help us find our way.

The truth is that the great revolutions and the progress made by humanity were brought about by people just like us – the only difference being that they had the courage to make a key decision at a crucial moment.

Box Office: Fockers, Grit Rule A Bad Weekend for Hollywood

New Year’s is a time to toast hopes for what’s coming and sift through the ashes of what’s past. In Hollywood, where the most cherished year-end gift is a boffo movie, 2010 can be waved goodbye with a shrug.

With no mainstream films opening this past week, the three big pre-Christmas releases — Little Fockers, True Grit and TRON: Legacy — again finished in the top three slots at the North American box office, according to early studio estimates. But none had anywhere near the impact of 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and of course Avatar, each of which eventually accumulated more than $200 million in their domestic release. Those three earned $140 million on their New Year’s weekend. The current trio will take in less than half that amount this weekend.

Early studio estimates have the multi-star family comedy Little Fockers earning $26.3 million to $24.5 million for Joel and Ethan Coen’s Western. True Grit did beat the Fockers on New Year’s Eve, which may say less about the film’s appeal than about the social status of Coen brothers’ fans; only the lonely would think that seeing a movie about three strangers on a manhunt was a cheerful way to ring in the new. But Grit has to be considered a success: made for a thrifty $38 million, it has amassed $86.8 million in less than two weeks to become the Coens’ highest-grossing film to date, topping No Country for Old Men’s $74.2 million.
TRON: Legacy, sequel to the pioneer video-game fantasy, earned $18.3 million and has now passed the $130 million domestic mark. Sounds fine; but when you consider that its $170 million budget is 10 times what the first TRON cost, and that that film earned $33 million back in 1982, you realize that Legacy would have to earn more than $300 million in North American theaters to equal its predecessor. The sci-fi adventure probably has the best shot of any recent film at becoming a full-fledged Christmas-release hit. But if Legacy or Little Fockers or True Grit doesn’t get to the $176.6 million mark that The Karate Kid, the film that’s currently No. 10 on the list of 2010’s biggest domestic hits, reached this past summer — or, to be more realistic, the $200 million or so that the Disney animated feature Tangled should ultimately corral — this will be the first time since 1999 when no December release was one of the year’s top-10 earners.

The year-end calamities include Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels, with its Lilliputian earnings of $27.2 million in nine days, and the even more meager $25.1 million take of the James L. Brooks comedy How Do You Know, which sank with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson and a $120 million budget. The $100 million would-be caper The Tourist couldn’t parlay the star team of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to more than $55 million in four weeks. If adults wanted a laugh and a thrill at the movies this season, they took their kids to Tangled, Yogi Bear or the third chapter of Narnia, or left the little ones home and saw Fockers.Specialty films picked up the slack; December was a hefty month for indie-minded pics with dreams of Oscar. The Fighter, Black Swan and The King’s Speech all landed in the top 10 this week. The Weinstein Company’s Blue Valentine, which recently won a tangle with the MPAA ratings board and got its original NC-17 rating sanitized to an R, opened with a sexy $180,000 at four theaters; and the Mike Leigh family-and-friends drama Another Year boasted $120,000 on six screens. Those are minute numbers, compared to Fockers and TRON: Legacy, but these films are aiming to earn Academy Award nominations for their actors, and a healthy gross at a few theaters is the best harbinger of Oscar.

Here are the Sunday estimates of this weekend’s top-grossing pictures in North American theaters, as reported by Box Office Mojo: 1. Little Fockers, $26.3 million; $103.2 million, second week
2. True Grit, $24.5 million; $86.8 million, second week
3. TRON: Legacy, $18.3 million; $130.9 million, third week
4. Yogi Bear, $13 million; $66.1 million, third week
5. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, $10.5 million; $87.1 million, fourth week
6. Tangled $10 million; $168 million, sixth week
7. The Fighter, $10 million; $46.4 million, fourth week
8. Gulliver’s Travels, $9.1 million; $27.2 million, second week 9. Black Swan, $8.45 million; $47.4 million, fifth week
10. The King’s Speech, $7.6 million; $22.8 million, sixth week