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Pinoy Twitter Parody Accounts

Fake accounts of famous people have been around since the age of Myspace and the cheesy exchange of Friendster testimonials, but Twitter has proven to be the only social networking site where they can gain a cult following—not because of the desperate naïveté of fans but because they are so much more entertaining than the original.

Running a successful parody Twitter account is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot out there who think merely coming up with lewd usernames like Gretchen Pukido and tweeting with gay lingo should be enough to get the Twitterverse roaring. Next please. Rather, one has to be familiar with the person or character being parodied. You have to know what to play on. In a sense you have to be better, funnier, like the evil alter ego who emerged from President Noynoy’s “noynoying” or Nora Aunor’s mole.

Here are the Pinoy parody accounts we think you should follow, and those whose trying hard jokes your Twitter feed would be better off without.


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