The world’s largest cave contains a jungle.

Two hundred meters below the earth in Vietnam lies a jungle contained by the Hang Son Doong cave. Because of a collapsed portion of the cave roof, vegetation began to grow and form what would be the largest cave jungle. The jungle is fairly small, but considering its location also fairly incredible. It also has the nickname ‘Garden of Eden.’

The cave itself was only discovered twenty years ago and is getting properly explored now. It is the largest known cave and contains caverns large enough to fit streets. The subterranean passage could hold 40-story buildings for a half-mile block. Also notable are the unfamiliar formations of the rocks and walls within the cave. [youtube=
One part of the cave is characterized by algae-covered, ribbed stone formations as the cave floor. These ribs were formed by water overflowing the floor and reshaping it. 🙄

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