7,000 summer jobs for poor kids

The private sector is offering nearly 7,000 summer jobs for students and out-of-school youth this year to help them pay for their education, Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said Wednesday.

Baldoz said private companies and educational institutions have made available a total of 6,922 jobs this summer under the Department of Labor and Employment-Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES).

“Many companies now recognize the very positive impact of the SPES, so they are willing to partner with us and sponsor students and out-of-school youth who will work for them on a short-term basis,” Baldoz said.

She said Amkor Technology Philippines Inc., Max’s Restaurant, Goldilocks Bakeshop, Integrated Manufacturing Services Providers, Inc., and Maybank Philippines had 2,891 available summer jobs.

SPES beneficiaries receive salaries not less than the prevailing minimum wage in the region where they will be employed. 🙄

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