101 things to do before you die

Some of these things you may have done, some you’ll want to do, others you’ll never do. And that’s all good.

Enjoy the list.

1 Write the story of your life

Let’s face it, the odds of anyone else doing it are pretty remote 2 Watch every James Bond film

Back to back, from Dr No to Casino Royale (not the David Niven one) 3 Sing along in a music store

Ideally very loud while wearing those silly plastic headphones 4 Build a snow cave

Then retire for the night with a couple of frozen Margaritas 5 Get in the record books

The best way is to do something so silly no-one’s attempted it yet 6 Turn your mobile off for a week

You’ve talked about how you’d easily manage, but do you dare? 7 Run in fancy dress for charity

Gorilla, clown, or chicken, no-one sees how exhausted you are 8 Blow one month’s wages on shoes

Manolo’s, Jimmy Choo or perhaps some good old RM Williams
9 Paint a self portrait

See if you can capture the inner beauty you know is there
10 Bury a time capsule

With instructions in your will to open in 100 years time
11 Leave behind a million dollars

With strict instructions for it to be spent on an almighty party 12 Learn to play at least one song

You may not be Eric Clapton, but you can manage a few chords 13 Plant a tree and carve your name

Probably not both in the same week, but make it a 25 year project 14 Go on holiday with no luggage

Much less frustrating than coming back from holiday with no luggage 15 Have a night at the opera

Immerse yourself in history, drama and culture all in one evening 16 Learn a different language

And get a different perspective on the world at the same time 17 Play an elaborate practical joke

But make sure you’ve planned to handle things if it backfires 18 Host a cocktail party

A proper cocktail party, with cocktails, not just wine and beer 19 Spend Christmas Day helping out

Working the 25th in a hostel is a great present to yourself
20 Meditate for 3 hours in one sitting

Peace and enlightenment in less time than a Lord of the Rings movie 21 Spend a week at sea

Salt air in the nostrils, queasiness in the gut, character-building stuff 22 Get re-married in Vegas

Give those nuptials a cut and polish at the Chapel of Love
23 Skinny dip at midnight

The romance of the ocean, or the raunch of the neighbour’s pool 24 Have a suit hand made

Feeling it’s yours and yours alone will have you walking taller 25 Spend the night in a haunted house

If Scooby and Shaggy can manage it, surely you can too
26 Make fire the old fashioned way

Go all Stone Age with flint and tinder (or Coke can and chocolate) 27 Swing through the sky on a trapeze

With the wind in your hair and your stomach in your throat
28 Horse ride through the surf

If you’ve never sat on a horse in your life, this is the way to start 29 Read a book a fortnight for a year

Whether it’s the classics or airport pulp, just make it a habit 30 Make your own pasta

Flour, eggs, a splash of water and the magic of Italy is all yours 31 Swim with something big

Whale, shark, giant ray, dolphin, turtle, they’re all profoundly moving 32 Sleep outdoors watching the stars

With a swag and a billy of tea, or a doona and a bottle of Dom

35 Resign by all-staff email

You’re over it and you’re outta there. Why not make a statement? 36 Go out shopping in just a Drizabone

Because going shopping in just a fur coat is not PC anymore
37 Catch a fish and eat it that day

Be a tough hunter-gatherer while watching your cholesterol
38 Brew your own beer

Easier than you might think and surprisingly like the real thing 39 Learn to throw a boomerang

Difficult to master, but guaranteed to drive your dog nuts
40 Ride a giant rollercoaster

The terrifying Steel Dragon 2000 at Spaland, Nagashima, Japan 41 Surf and snowboard in one day

After all, in how many countries in the world can you do that? 42 Build a tree house

Nothing big or fancy. Just a place to hide from the world.
43 Take pole dancing lessons

Just in case you bump into a Pole who fancies a dance
44 Pash a policeman on New Years Eve

You may get nicked, but you may get a Valentines card too
45 Do a Roar & Snore at the zoo

And you’ll never complain about your noisy neighbours again
46 Give a homeless person your lunch

But don’t be offended if they ask for cash instead
47 View a house you can’t afford

And take reassurance from the fact that money doesn’t buy style > 33 Create an online alter-ego

Brush real-life inadequacies aside to be a virtual world champion 34 Cook something you’ve grown

Even if it’s only a handful of herbs, you’ve completed the circle > 48 Hire a house boat

And watch everyone else race by as you drift along
49 Go trekking, carrying all your gear

Make like a snail and achieve true independence
50 Build something that will outlast you

A piece of furniture, a shed, maybe restore a classic car
51 Research your family tree

Are you descended from nobility? Do you have a wealthy great-aunt? 52 Go to a bedding store in your PJs

You spend one third of your life in bed, research it properly 53 Cut your own hair

Few things are more guaranteed to make you feel helpless
54 Get involved in a protest rally

There must be something you feel that strongly about
55 Make a crowd sign for the cricket

Warnie’s hair, Gilly’s ears, now we need some new ideas
56 Leave a love note on a windscreen

Watch their face change as they discover it’s not a ticket
57 Build a giant sandcastle

With turrets, moats and windows, then watch it all get washed away 58 Blow a kiss to a bikie

It’s not easy looking tough and hard-bitten 24/7
59 Wear fancy dress for a whole day

You’ll learn some people really do have no sense of humour
60 Spend one hour in a lift

Smile and say g’day to everyone who gets in and out
61 Get your fortune told

Of course it’s all nonsense and you don’t believe it. Except the bits you like 62 Make a baby laugh

There’s no happier sound in the world than a good gurgle
63 Make a snowman

Remember, the only acceptable ‘nose’ is a good sized carrot
64 Make love on the beach

A movie cliché guaranteed to make you feel like a teenager again 65 Help out at a soup kitchen

An amazing one day crash course in anthropology
66 Send flowers for no reason at all

The florist won’t understand, but they’ll love it anyway
67 Watch the sun rise

As it inches over the horizon you feel there’s hope for us all 68 Watch the sun set

Enjoy the irrational feeling of a huge task being completed
69 Make a cake for the teachers

Works best when you don’t have kids at the school – or even kids 70 Take the day off on your birthday

Wrap yourself a present, something you’ve always wanted
71 Spend Christmas Day in Lapland

Get festive with the full-on reindeer/sleigh/elves caper
72 Make a heap of Autumn leaves

Then see who can land in them with the least amount of style 73 Walk through knee deep mud

Tasmania offers some of the world’s finest mud, gaiters are a good idea 74 Tell your Mum you love her

But of course you do this all the time already, don’t you?
75 Have a night at the ballet

And marvel in greater athleticism than you see on most sports fields 76 Take evening classes with a friend

Japanese, Pilates, oil painting – something you’ve not done before 77 Take a tap dancing lesson

So you think you can dance? Trying this will probably prove you wrong 78 Write a letter to your grandchildren

Tell them about how the world was all the way back in 2008
79 Smile at 100 strangers

Statistics tell us you can expect an average of 73 smiles in return 80 Read the plays of Shakespeare

Tough going, but still some of the thickest plots ever stirred 81 Do a first aid course

One day someone close to you may be very glad you did
82 Keep a diary for a whole year

Then put it away to share with your children in 20 years
83 Google yourself

Even if you don’t show up, you might find a famous same-name 84 Visit your parents in a limousine

As the superstar son or daughter they thought you were anyway 85 Live off the land for a week

That doesn’t mean scrounging through the neighbour’s bins
86 Listen to your iPod right through

Like the last spoon in the sink, you always find a ‘new’ song 87 Fast for 48 hours

And give the money you would have spent on food to charity
88 Skip with your kids along a beach

For some reason teenagers don’t really get into this one
89 Take a vow of silence

And spend a day having an internal conversation with yourself 90 Finish the crossword or sudoku

No-one will realise you’ve made up some of the answers
91 Give blood

If you can, you should. Less an ambition, more a civic responsibility 92 Write to your favourite author

You may be surprised how receptive they are to a well-worded approach 93 Walk a marathon

Any fat boy can run one, walking lets you soak up the atmosphere 94 Contact your childhood sweetheart

Did they find someone better looking and more thoughtful than you? 95 Give an emo a big sloppy kiss

Because the idea they’re always depressed is just a silly stereotype 96 Pretend to be invisible

Stand right next to people and say, ‘Don’t mind me, I’m invisible’ 97 Buy some outrageous sunnies

Corey Worthington proves they multiply your fame potential
98 Wind up a security guard

Well known for their terrific sense of humour, they’ll see the funny side 99 Send a message in a bottle

Share your innermost secrets with a complete stranger
100 Make a kite and fly it

Then imagine it’s you up there spreading your wings
101 Test drive a car you can’t afford

Because they can’t be sure you’re not an eccentric millionaire. 🙄

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