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Top 20 Signs To Tell If He Likes You

How do you tell if a guy likes you? That is the question that I always hear when a girl is asking to their friends about a guy that she starts getting interested to him.
Sometimes, it can be frustrating not knowing the whether he may feel the same way as you do. Sometimes we might think that he does like us but the fact might be the opposite.
Well, to know that a guy likes you then you have to read the signs from himself to know if he really likes to you or not. So, here are some signs to look for to know when a guy likes you: 1. He will make eye contact with you, and then look away when your eyes meet.
2. He is always willing to help you or do you favors (like rides home, or physical work)
3. He will always look for you in a crowd, then when he finds you will act like he doesn’t see you 4. He will laugh at all your jokes/will try to make you laugh. 5. He talks to his friends about you
6. He mentions activities that you are interested in so there is a chance for you two to do them together. 7. He will always find a reason to talk to you or touch you in any way. 8. He pokes fun at you, but in a nice way
9. He seems genuinely interested in what you have to say.
10. He remembers little things that you’ve talked about before a long time ago, and brings them up in conversations to let you know that he remembered.

11. He will always stare at you, and your friends may notice it too.
12. When you are talking with him and your friends, he will only comment on something that you say, or will look at you whenever he speaks. 13. He starts acting nicer when you’re around him
14. He says “yes” to all the things you ask him to do
15. He treats you differently to other girls (He will make you feel special) 16. He looks at you a lot every time you smile or laugh
17. He finds any excuse to touch you or sit next to you
18. If you flirt with a friend of his when he can see, and he looks jealous or automatically flirts back 19. He asks about you to your friends when you’re not around 20. He has cute little nicknames for you
Now, after knowing all these signs, what will you do next? Once you know fairly sure that he likes you, it is time to take action. Put together a step-by-step plan for getting him to fall for you.
But how about if he seems does not interested in you? If that so, then you need to know the trick is. The trick here is to know what it is that makes a man feel this kind of attraction for you. You need to learn the specifics tips for how to create that kind of attraction inside a man, whether you’re just meeting him, or you’ve been together for months or years.
When you do the things that are sure to make a man feel that gut-level attraction that goes deeper than just his physical attraction and desires, then he’ll do and try anything to be close to you.
Finally, what you need to do is to learn skill about knowing how to make man feel attraction for you. What you have to do is to learn. It’s a skill, and I honestly believe that any woman can learn it if she wants. 🙄

20 ways to tell if you’re a real Cebuano

OCCASIONS and celebrations come and go. Yes, just like seasons in the sun. After Christmas came Sinulog. Now that these are over and done with, what’s next?

There’s Valentine’s Day, then the Holy Week, graduation, summer holiday, Labor Day, school opening, Independence Day etc.

Cebu really never runs out of celebrations, and along with these, the sale promos at the mall or anywhere else. Be proud to be a Cebuano. Are you?

Cebuano ka ba o Cebuano ba ka? Yup, you’re a Cebuano if…

1. You have no “L” in your vocabulary: Bay, Wa, Di.

2. You know the meaning of the words mosuroy, manglimbong, mangilad, maningkamot, mamakak, makighimamat, lumad.

3. You know the meaning of these modern short-cut terms: naning, promdi, McDo, spag.

4. You know Vino Kulafu, Rufina Patis, San Mig.

5. You know Titay, Shamrock, Alejo, Villalonga, Didang.

6. You know where Fuente, Colon, Junquera, Taboan, Pasil etc. are.

7. The family names Osmeña, Gaisano, Ludo, Rama, Singson, Cuenco ring a bell to you.

8. You would miss eating lechon or sinugbang baboy or isda (grilled pork or fish) with your hands.

9. You bring danggit, otap, dried mangoes, or even one whole lechon, as pasalubong (souvenir) to friends and relatives.

10. You’re familiar with Sutukil, budbud, bibingka, masareal, otap, rosquillos.

11. You know where Gaisano Colon, Lao Eng Chong, White Gold, Taoist Temple, BTC, STK, JY Square etc. are.

12. You ask a friend when you bump into him in the mall: “Nag-unsa ka?” or “Ikaw ra?” or “Kinsa imong kuyog?”

13. You say “Bitaw” and “Mao gyud” if and when you agree on something.

14. You say “Puera buyag” when somebody appreciates your beauty or talent.

15. You say “More pa, mamatay pa ko” when you try to tell the truth, while making a cross sign with your fingers.

16. You know how to sing Usahay, Matud Nila, Bisan Sa Damgo Lang.

17. You feel happy and excited when you meet a fellow Cebuano in Manila or in the U.S.

18. You use “Bai” or “Dong” or “Day” in addressing a person whose name you don’t know.

19. You knock on wood and say, “Simba ko lang, palayo” when you don’t want something bad to happen or to drive away a bad omen.

20. Your Tagalog sounds very hard and is distorted: “Mag-inusapay muna kayo diyan,” “Huwag mong katihin ang likod mo,” “Ang mahal naman. Patawarin mo ako,” “Huwag mong libugin ang utak ko.” 🙄

Dance Like No One’s Watching

We convince ourselves that life
will be better after we get married,
have a baby, then another.
Then we are frustrated that the kids aren’t old enough
and we’ll be more content when they are.

After that we’re frustrated that we
have teenagers to deal with,
we will certainly be happy
when they are out of that stage.

We tell ourselves that our life will be complete
when our spouse gets his or her act together,
when we get a nicer car,
are able to go on a nice vacation,
when we retire.
The truth is there’s no better time
to be happy than right now.
If not now, when?

Your life will always be filled with challenges.
It’s best to admit this to yourself
and decide to be happy anyway.
One of my favorite quotes comes
from Alfred D Souza.

He said, “For a long time it had seemed
to me that life was about to begin -real life.
But there was always some obstacle in the way,
something to be gotten through first,
some unfinished business,
time still to be served,
a debt to be paid. Then life would begin.
At last it dawned on me that these
obstacles were my life.”

This perspective has helped me to see
that there is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way,
so, treasure every moment that you have.
And treasure it more because you shared it
with someone special,
special enough to spend your time…
and remember that time waits for no one.

So stop waiting until you finish school,
until you go back to school,
until you lose ten pounds,
until you gain ten pounds,
until you have kids,
until your kids leave the house,
until you start work,
until you retire,
until you get married,
until you get divorced,
until Friday night,
until Sunday morning,
until you get a new car or home,
until your car or home is paid off,
until spring, until summer,
until fall, until winter,
until you are off welfare,
until the first or fifteenth,
until your song comes on,
until you’ve had a drink,
until you’ve sobered up,
until you die, until you are born again
to decide that there is no better time
than right now to be happy…
Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

So, Work like you don’t need money.
Love like you’ve never been hurt and
Dance Like no one’s watching.

Author Unknown