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13 dead as light plane crashes in Paranaque slum

MANILA, Philippines —At least 13 people died and several others injured when a light cargo plane crashed into a shantytown in Parañaque City on Saturday, officials said.

Queen Air plane ploughed through a warren of shanties about four minutes after its pilot requested an emergency landing shortly after takeoff at 2:14 p.m., said Parañaque Mayor Florencio Bernabe.

Thirteen people, including three children and the plane’s pilot and co-pilot, were killed as the plane exploded in flames and set a row of shanties on fire, he said.

“The plane struck one house but the others also went up in flames. These are informal settlers, packed into rows of houses,” Chief Inspector Enrique Sy of the Parañaque City police told reporters.

Bernabe, in an interview with Radyo Inquirer 990AM, identified the Occidental Mindoro-bound plane’s crewmen as Captains Timothy Albo and Jessie Kim Lustica

He said at least 50 shanties, home to an estimated 600 people in Barangay Don Bosco in Parañaque, were razed.

Sy said the five bodies that were first pulled out from the ashes were charred beyond recognition.

Rescuers also recovered the bodies of a child and an infant, said Gwendolyn Pang, secretary-general of the Philippine National Red Cross.

Some 20 people were rushed to the Parañaque Doctor’s Hospital, the Paranaque Medical Center, and the South Super Highway Hospital for treatment of burns.

Resident Maribel Savedoria tearfully recounted on local radio how her husband perished in the blaze after pushing her and their four children out through the window of their rented room.

“He pushed all of us out to save us, but he did not make it. There was an explosion and all my children sustained burns,” she told DZBB radio.

Houses as far as 50 meters away from the crash site caught fire and quickly spread, the flames licking at the nearby F. Serrano Elementary School.

The fire sparked by the crash was declared out at around 4 p.m. after reaching the Task Force Alpha alarm, entailing response from all firefighting units in Parañaque and neighboring cities.

Sy described the aircraft as a twin-engine, six-seat cargo plane with tail number RPC 824, owned by the ITI Company. It was bound for San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, to pick up a cargo of seafood.

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines chief Ramon Gutierrez said the twin-engine, six-seat cargo plane RPC 824, owned by the ITI Company , declared an emergency four minutes after taking off from the Manila domestic airport.

“Unfortunately, the plane did not make it,” he said, adding that the cause of the crash was not immediately known.

The plane crashed before being able to return to the airport, he said, adding the plane would have been carrying a full tank of fuel when it crashed.🙄

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19 Minor, Everyday Victories That Are Way Enjoyable



Whenever I’m waiting for the bus and it stops so that the door is right in front of me.

Getting that popcorn kernel unstuck from in between my gum and tooth.

Go to public bathroom and it’s empty!

When I’m approaching a red light and don’t have to brake before it turns green again.

Being able to carry everything in from the car in one trip, no matter how much stuff

Waking up like 30 seconds before the alarm and shutting it off before it goes off. FUCK YOU ALARM

Getting that elusive front parking space at a mall, grocery store, etc.

Correct change when I buy something.

When there isn’t a random-ass sock left over when I finish laundry!

When something is exactly where I left it two weeks ago when I need it again!

Pressing the elevator button and having it open right there like it was waiting for me

Parallel parking in one swoop, without adjusting. Did this twice today, directly in front of my apartment.

Slipping through a closing door without pushing it open any further, with all the agility of a thousand ninjas.

Getting an eyelash out of my eye.

Taking a huge crap and having it come out as one single, gigantic log, Especially when your first wipe is clean.

When you click the wrong link by mistake, and you manage to click the right one before the page loads.

I absolutely love the feeling when you think you don’t have money on your debit card, but you do.

Popping a zit easily and completely

That feeling you get then you successfully throw a wadded up piece of paper in the trash from a long distance.

Light aircraft crashes in Parañaque City subdivision

MANILA, Philippines—A light aircraft crashed in a subdivision in Parañaque City on Saturday, Radyo Inquirer 990 reported.

There were no immediate report of casualties and it was not clear if the plane hit any residence at Better Living Subdivision.🙄

US bill threatens Pinoy call center jobs

A newly proposed law in the United States is threatening call center jobs in the Philippines and other countries by withdrawing incentives from American firms that outsource their operations.

Introduced by New York 1st District Rep. Tim Bishop, the proposed US Call Center and Consumer Protection Act seeks “to bar corporations that sent US call center jobs overseas from receiving federal grants and loans,” the solon said in a statement Wednesday (US time).

The bill, which was co-sponsored by Reps. Dave McKinley, Mike Michaud, and Gene Green, also “requires overseas call center employees to disclose their location to US consumers and gives customers the right to be transferred to a US-based call center upon request.”

“It’s common sense that we should not be rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas while millions of qualified Americans are looking for work,” Bishop said. “Taxpayer dollars should only be used to incentivize good corporate citizens who create American jobs.”

In an interview with reporters, Bishop called outsourcing “one of the scourges of our economy,” according to “The Huffington Post.” “We can’t prohibit it, but we can certainly discourage it,” Bishop reportedly said.

GMA News Online is still trying to reach Philippine authorities for comment as of this posting.

No. 1 call center hub

The Philippines will likely bear the brunt of the proposed law as the country has surpassed India as the world’s number one call center hub, according to a recent report on “The New York Times.”

“It helps that Filipinos learn American English in the first grade, eat hamburgers, follow the NBA and watch the TV show ‘Friends’ long before they enter a call center,” said the report by Indian correspondent Vikas Bajaj.

A large number of young Filipinos troop to call centers right after graduation due to lack other job opportunities, among other things.

Some observers, however, have criticized the business process outsourcing industry Philippines for supposedly stagnating the minds of its youth.

Ramon Magsaysay awardee Harish Hande — an Indian national — has warned the Philippines against a call center culture that produces “glorified secretaries” who have become pessimistic about their future.🙄

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas A Edison