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Cebu Rep. Arturo Radaza, other officials face graft charges for buying P23.5 M worth of overpriced PCs in 2005

Ombudsman to sue Cebu solon, others for overpriced PCs

Cebu Rep. Arturo Radaza and other local officials in the island province are now facing graft charges for buying P23.5 million worth of overpriced computers in 2005.
The case stems from a complaint filed by Coralpoint Educational Foundation Inc. before the Office of the Ombudsman.
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales ordered that those involved in the transaction be sued including Radaza — the former Lapu-Lapu City mayor — City Schools Superintendent Serena Uy, former Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) chair Vincent Joseph Lim, current BAC chair Teodulo Ybanez, BAC vice-chair Fernando Tagaan Jr., and BAC members Michael Dignos, Victoria Andoy, and Elena Pacaldo.
Also to be sued are Technical Working Group (TWG) head Rogelio Veloso and TWG members Cipirano Flores, Sharon Baguio, Buenaventura Igot, Jerico Mercado and Maribeth Sorono, Administrative Aide III Marita Guiao of the Procurement Section, and Inspection Committee members Cleofe Solis, Leandro Dante, Ernesto Imbong, and Rogaciano Tampus, and private individual Jennet Valencia, manager and proprietor of Kein Enterprises (KE).
According to the Ombudsman, Radaza and the others will be charged with violating Section 3(e) of RA 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) before the Sandiganbayan.
In its complaint, Coralpoint Educational alleged that the local officials conspired with each other in buying 470 overpriced personal computer units for the national and public high schools of Lapu-Lapu City.
Radaza was responsible for approving the local Department of Education’s proposal buy the computers worth P23.5 million or P49,950 per unit, the complainants claimed. GMA News Online is still trying to get the side of Radaza as of this posting.
KE won the bidding, but the Visayas Office of the Ombudsman later found that the computers were “of inferior quality.”
The Ombudsman also found that the prevailing value of such computers was P23,100 each or P10,857,000 for 470 units — a difference of P12,619,500 from what the local government paid KE.
“The disparity of P26,850 (P49,950 less P23,100) or a mark-up of 116 percent from P23,100 is far beyond the 10 percent which is allowed under Sec.3.1 of Commission on Audit (COA) Memorandum No. 97-012 s. 1997,” the Ombudsman said.
“It is clear that respondents acted with manifest partiality for Ken Enterprises and with evident bad faith against the government,” it added and set a P30,000 bail for each of the respondents.🙄

A university installed giant slides instead of stairs

Germans always make good a stuff! At the University of Munich in Germany, this 4 story slide can take students from any floor down to ground level!

Students simply sit on a mat with their books securely with them and slide down for the ride of their lives! Don’t you wish your school could be this awesome?🙄

Must have table manners – Learn how to be civil in an increasingly uncivil world

Manners are constantly evolving to keep up with the times, but these guidelines on how to be polite at the table may help add a little civility to an increasingly uncivil world.

1. When helping a woman pull her chair to the table, hold it and guide it as she does the same. Don’t shove it against the back of her legs.

2. If you’re seated at a table with eight or fewer guests, wait for everyone to be served and for the hostess to begin eating before you dig in. At a long banquet table, it’s OK to start when several people are seated and served.

3. All things not having to do with food (and decoration) should remain off the table: keys, clutch bags, cigarette packs, sunglasses, BlackBerrys.

4. Don’t snap your napkin open or unfurl it showily like it’s an Olympic flag.

5. If you prefer not to have wine while dining out, don’t turn your glass upside down, and don’t make a big deal of saying you don’t drink. Simply place your fingertips on the rim of the glass and say “Not today, thanks.” This implies no judgment of those who wish to imbibe.

6. Use your hand to shield your lemon as you squeeze it into your iced tea so you don’t inadvertently squirt your dining companion in the eye.

7. If you’re eating and want to take a sip, dab your mouth with your napkin to avoid staining the rim of the glass.

8. Grabbing a bowl of salad or a saltshaker as it’s being passed to someone who asked for it is the equivalent of cutting in line: greedy and rude.

9. On the subject of passing: Dishes go counterclockwise, but if someone to your left asks for something, you can hand it directly to him.

10. When you excuse yourself to go to the restroom, just say “Please excuse me.”

11. When out with friends or family — even at a fancy restaurant — it’s OK to ask for your leftovers to be wrapped. But don’t do it at a business lunch or dinner.

12. Should you text at the table at a social gathering? Farhad Manjoo on slate: “If you’re in a situation where you’d excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, you should also excuse yourself before reaching for your phone.”🙄

Our life is frittered away by details… Simplify, simplify. Henry David Thoreau