Sleep Better to Live Longer

Do you enjoy your sleep? Well, we are not really sure if we enjoy our sleep but at least we are now sure about the fact that the quality of sleep can directly affect your lifestyle and also determine how long you will survive. As per the research done by American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) the quality of sleep is very important if you want to live longer and healthier. To support their sleep quality theory AASM did a survey and a research along with Sleep Research Society where they found that those people who are already in their late seventies and eighties enjoyed sleeping and that their sleeping pattern were absolutely different from what we are used to in our professionally hectic life.

As per the research, it was found that more than 65 percent of the people who slept for more than 7.5 hours enjoyed a better health and longer lifespan and some patients were almost in their nineties. In recent times, people prefer to work late nights and sleep only for limited hours and that is seriously affecting their lifespan and health even when they are eating good food. It was also found that men require more sleep than women because men are involved in more hard working areas where they need to exert physical and mental strength.

Most health problems like fatigue, weakness, and insomnia were directed related to sleep deficiency and therefore most doctors now feel that they can bring improvement to their patients health by giving them more sufficient rest that would act like a natural medicine and allow the metabolism inside the body to function in a natural way rather than using various medicines to cure health related problems. Many health gurus believe that proper sleep has the potential of eradicating various health problems.

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